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It is estimated that by the year 2019, over 75% of all internet searches will be done by mobile and smart phone devices. Is your website ready?

Custom Mobile Friendly Website Design

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• Over 63% of Internet searches are now done from mobile and smart phone devices, and Google predicts that by the end of 2018, this will increase to over 70%!
• Without mobile optimization, most websites are way too complicated and difficult to be seen…much less used…on smart phones, tablets and other hand-held devices that have a fraction of the screen viewing area of a desktop or laptop computer.
• 61% of users who participated in a recent Google study said they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone. Worse, they usually then go to a competitor’s site.

Also, the thing to remember is that when a typical user is on a smart phone doing a search, they are most often needing something immediately, such as a phone number, a business location, directions, etc. They are looking for information that is relevant to making a purchase decision...NOW! So if you don't have a mobile enabled website, and your competitor does, where do you think they'll go?

Custom Mobile Friendly Website Design

Custom Mobile Friendly Website Design

The same website, only smaller!

In order to fit your website and business message into someones pocket you'll need to create what is called a responsive website. A responsive website is a website that can "respond" to any viewing environment: desktop, I-pad, smartphone, etc., by adjusting to the screen-size. This smooth transition from full website to mobile site indicates that you have a high quality website and your customers will see that. When we are building your website we keep the mobile version in mind and make sure that when you are viewing it on a tablet or phone it will look just as good as on a computer screen.


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